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Carers neurological back pain. - Carers UK Forum

Carers neurological back pain.

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I am now in my 70,s and have coped with my spinal condition since my teens. However now as a long standing carer I find my mobility is getting worst as is the pain. I pay for physiotherapy .I wonder how others carers cope with all the tasks we need to do with back pain ?
Have a new Carers Assessment and ask Social Services to fund the physiotherapy.
I don't know if physiotherapy is the best solution. Well, I think most people in their 70s experience back pain. That's why people of this age are recommended not to lift weights or exert much physical effort. But many older adults don't consider this, like my grandmother, and she has to consult a neurosurgeon. My grandmother lives in the village and often used to lift weights. She got to days when her back hurt too much. He tried physiotherapy, but it didn't help. So he went to Dr. Taghva, a very good neurosurgeon who helped my grandmother get rid of her back problems. Now my grandmother takes great care of her back.
I've just been to see a chiropractor.
X rays have just revealed that my spine is in a terrible state. 20 appointments for an intensive course of treatment now booked for the new year. Still coming to terms with that!
The first thing I always suggest is try to source moving and handling training through your local social services. They should provide it. And get an OT assessment via social services to see if there are any aids that might help with any tasks putting strain on your back.
Would you like to tell us more about who you care for and the help needed?