When caring poses a danger to carers (TBI with SCI)

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
Well it is almost bonfire night 🔥🔥🔥

I am angry about this Chris. I want social services to stop failing people.
Me , you and ... 15 million others ?
THr money is there they say, we just don’t have enough carers to deliver the legislation...wtf??
Like in England , the monies available at the LA level are not enough to meet demand.

Main LA thread tracks the meltdown across most support services ... and ... to add insult to injury , rises in Council Tax which hit the poorest the hardest.
So, I can probably do only enough to challenge the authorities responsible for my dad’s particular case and it probably won’t go far enough.

What organised movement is happening that is really going to make an impact uk wide?
What organised movement is happening that is really going to make an impact uk wide?

Zilch ... more chance of a nationwide protest if Corrie / East Enders was cancelled u.f.n. ?
What benefits is dad receiving?
Is an Occupational Therapist involved in the adaptations?
Do you have a district nurse involved?
Yes everyone involved. On third OT. Lacks experience imo. Doesn’t have a clue about how to toilet someone with spinal cord injury and knows even less about equipment available for carers with disabilities. (Mum has osteoporosis and arthritis and has Very limited dexterity.) Shed now has an array of pretty useless paraphernalia thanks to these people.

Have district nurse - no adequate training on neurogenic bowel. Cancelled the spinal injuries units continence prescriptions for dad as they ‘have no budget for it.’!!. Shocking. Everyone with at least one foot in. Except personal care and respite.

Care company dropped dad like a hot potato end of March for complaining. We have been waiting ever since for another company to pick up the contract and daily send enquiries to care service providers.

Goodness knows what happened to the elusive creature: the social worker. Constantly AWOL.

We have been on this road since 2017 when dad came home from a year in brain injury rehab. I managed to get their finances sorted (they both worked full time before the accident but had no legal or financial back ups in place in case of accident) once we managed to get dad assessed as having capacity to appoint PoA to mum. Old fella luckily just qualified for pip before his 65th bday. Has small state pension coming in. Think they have council tax discount for severe disability sorted. I don’t know if they qualify for anything benefits wise. Mum had to draw her private pension early as she had to stop working the day after the accident, so severe the trauma, and gets CA if you can call 5hat a benefit.

Just started building a ramp and en-suite bedroom extension. Build isn’t starting well. Built ramp without turning space and put in a door without a level threshold. Not what’s on architects drawings.

Meanwhile dad came home from respite early because he couldn’t hack it. Spent the day sitting in his own poo watching the builders put in this door to his front room. Couldn’t make this stuff up. Bonkers!!
Has anybody actually changed anything through escalating complaints? Is it worthwhile, do you end up getting the care plan you are entitled to?
Yes ... an examination of the published cases brought before the LA and Social Care Ombudsman are very revealing :


Several hundred to whet the appetite ?