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New Asthma UK web pages support carers - Carers UK Forum

New Asthma UK web pages support carers

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
For so many people with asthma, especially those with severe asthma, or children with difficult asthma, their carer plays a key role in keeping them well.

Asthma UK now have web-based asthma information and support specifically targeting carers and looking at issues such as medicines and side effects, emotional health and emergencies, benefits and financial help and dealing with health professionals.

Carers are encouraged to help the person they care for self-manage, for example by making sure they have an action plan, that they understand their risk, and that they have regular asthma reviews.

The pages let people know how Asthma UK can help a carers look after someone with asthma, and signpost to other organisations who are there to support them in their role.

Whether it’s collecting prescriptions, taking someone to routine appointments, or being there with someone in A&E, an asthma carer gives vital support.

Take a look at the new pages here: http://www.asthma.org.uk/for-carers
Not taking anything away from this at all but..

My asthma has been severe enough to have me on life support a few times. I'm all for advice that will genuinely help those that we care for but what about the same level of support for us carers?
All the advice that has been mentioned here for our carees, on a Carers website, should be implemented for us too. But from what I remember (seeing as I am no longer hands on) that doesn't seem to be the case. I'd like to see more practical support for carers with health conditions apart from the current "register" which seems to be yet another tick boxing exercise while at the GP.
The only difference it made to me was that I was asked if I wanted a referral to the local Carer's service. Not really helpful to my health at the time considering I was close to a breakdown and physically falling apart, I felt let down and desperate.
My trust in doctors hit an all time low at that time and has never really recovered. Sorry to be putting an apparent "downer" on what is well meaning but I read so many posts from Carers who are suffering terribly with their own health..on this site their needs should be paramount.

I do understand there will be those who may disagree though. Image
I agree Ladybird.

There seem to be all sorts of places where I,the Carer,can go and find out about help and support for my carees,(it may not be forthcoming but it is still there),but I am feeling more and more invisible lately. Carers own needs are being forgotten,not just by the Carers themselves but by everyone else.
I feel that my own health is going down the pan much more quickly than that of my husband and elder son,because with new rules for benefits, who is the one who has to fill in the forms, chase up the evidence,etc etc? It is ME,the Carer.I have to do the paprerwork when my son is not at home, so that another person is in charge of his needs and I do not have to consider them for an hour or two,so my caring is now, due to Government policies,in my respite time too.
(And I am sure this is going to be the same for many Carers in the future,perhaps more so for Parent Carers).