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So confused!

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
Sooooo I am pretty confused!

My husband has a history of brain cancer that left him with disabilities (in remission now) and a rare autoimmune disease (IgG4)....BUT they now think he may have something else too!!! Potentially psoriatic arthritis. I'm confused because at our last hospital (in London before we moved to Manchester recently) we were told his joint problems etc were definitely the IgG4, now they think that while it mighy affect him in other ways, that his joint problems must be something else because of his level of pain etc.

I think I'm confused because they are a bit. When we have spoken to them over the past few days they seem pretty stumped. They aren't sure what to try treatment wise and which diagnosis to opt for. Leaving us very frustrated and confused!!!
Hi Jess,
It does sound frustrating, but at least they are persisting to get the right diagnosis and treatment in place and not just sending him home with painkillers and the instruction to get on with it/ learn to live with it.

I know they are doing their best. I think they are so interested because he is so rare! :) Can't complain about the care he is being given - it has been quick and thorough and they are very friendly and attentive. I don't have to nag too much or anything - not used to that! Lol

It's just frustrating that I want everything to be a bit more sorted to have a more long term treatment plan in placr, but I guess these things go slowly so they are done properly which is the best way . It's just that thing of wanting to wave a magic wand and make everything better straight away!

He has a specialist nurse appointment on Tuesday so should get some more info then.