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We're back in the hospital...again! - Carers UK Forum

We're back in the hospital...again!

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Just need to vent because I'm so upset. My husband is back in the hospital again :( he has been having a flare up recently and gradually increasing his meds. But it got so bad in the middle of the night he was writhing in agony (he has joint problems) and in tears and literally howling. We had to get an ambulance over to the hospital and he has oral morphine and IV paracetamol and still not much better :( he is going to be seen by a rheumatologist thankfully, but I'm wanting to cry because I feel completely useless. Can't do anything to help :( I really want to make it better for him, but all the usual stuff isn't working. I just can't cope with it getting this bad.
Hi Jess

so sorry to hear your news ! It's a b*gger isn't it when someone you love is in pain and you can't do anything to alleviate it. I hear your anguish but the best you can do is to just be there for him - just having you near sill be a comfort.

You're not "useless" at all.

I hope that the Doctors can find the right 'mix' of painkillers to give him relief.
Hi Jess

I am sitting next my husband in his hospital bed. It's very hard not being able to do anything when someone you love is in pain. I am with susieq - your husband knows you're there and that must be a comfort to him. My husband fortunately isn't in pain but he spends a lot of my visit sleeping on and off.

Hoping they sort his medications out quickly.

Stay strong x
((( hugs))) Jess. I understand it's heartbreaking thinking you can't help. You are though, by being there. Am sure they won't let him continue to be in pain. Xx
Thank you so much for your replies - it really does help. I'm on my own in a new city so it can be quite scary dealing with such a bad flare up when there is no one around to help. It was an unprecedented amoubt if pain for him. They were great at the hospital though . Did lots of tests and gave him a concoction of painkillers. After a few doses of oral morphine and a steroid injection into his worse joint he was just well enough to get him home . We have some oral morphine to give to him now at home. They are going to see him on Thursday to start a course of steroid infusions, which should sort things a bit further. Just worried about getting him there and back. I could try patient transport I guess.

I'm a bit calmer now to have him home and in a bit less pain.
Good to hear you're back home. That must be so difficult being somewhere new and with no support. Hoping they continue to keep your husband's pain under control. Thinking of you, Tracy x
Sorry, I never said thank you for your reply Tracy. It's so nice to have such good people to chat to/vent to/advise.

My husband is doing better now, less morphine and finding it easier to get around the flat. The first two steroid infusions have seemed to start to work *touch wood* ! He has one more then a specialist nurses appointment on Tuesday to see what else they can do at the moment.

Next big hurdle is getting down to Somerset to see my parents for Xmas on the 18th!