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Uncle and Aunt issues. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Uncle and Aunt issues.

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
Thanks for your thoughts here, my Mum is wanting one of those woodland burials and the nicest place that I've seen is about 50 miles away.What I'm thinking is either direct burial for Mum and then a humanist memorial at the house where people like neighbours can come if they want.Or I'll go myself to the burial with a friend or next door.The lady next door who is very supportive says that they should'nt be given any consideration whatsoever regarding arrangements.
I'm not having a traditional funeral as its not what Mum wants.
I suppose I could inform them about the when and where the burial was taking place then they could make their own arrangements regarding transport.
If they pass away before my Mum then I've said that I'm not getting involved with attending their funerals.If she wants to go then I'd take her and collect her but thats it.
Elizabeth . Maybe I should have said relatively useless. We do as you suggest but live 150 miles away. Her sisters are much closer and very good at organising and controlling her carers .
Hi Alex, It sounds like your doing all you can really. I wouldnt worry too much.

Thanks everyone for your contributions.
My Mum went in for a hip replacement at the beginning of the week and told my Aunt and Uncle who she hasn't seen for 8 years that she would ring them once shes gets home etc. They rung on Sunday night and left a message, my Mum didnt want to reply as she was getting a early night, sorting things out etc before she went in at 7am the next morning.The next 2 days they have been blowing up the answerphone demanding to be called back etc. I just ignored them as they have been nowhere near when my Mums been falling all over etc.

I was at the hospital twice yesterday and was worried sick my Mum wouldnt make it. Then I have them to content with.

I feel like writing to them and telling them really where to go but I've managed to calm down now.
You are better off without relatives like this. I've disowned all mine now, they didn't care about mum, just visited her and were nice when she was in the nursing home in the hope that they'd get some money off her.
Just care for mum, and forget the rellies who will only disappoint you constantly. Very sad, but true.


Thank you for both replying. I just feel that they have a cheek when they have never bothered. Its been really hard over the last couple of years, with loads of hospital visits, falls, broken bones, etc. We've been to all the hospitals in this city, for blood tests, scans, x rays, Drs appointments, assessments etc. My Mum doesn't seem to get that actions speak louder than words, so its not what people say its what they do that counts.

Personally I wouldn't be demanding information from someone I was no contact with. I would know better.

My Mum wont go to any type of group, shes like me not a group person, thanks for the suggestion though.