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Type 2 Diabetes

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
Hi Catja,

My husband was more upset because he has been on a diet & has lost nearly 2 stone but has still been allowed his weight watchers choc rolls & ice cream but since finding out his glucose level was 19 the doctor has put him straight onto the medication called (Metformin) & one tablet for his cholesterol.

I don't think he would have realised there was anything wrong if it hadn't been for the surgery sending him for a fasting blood test as a regular check up.He kept having dizzy spells every time he stood up but never did anything about it & would wear my glass just to read the paper & he was drinking more water but thought it was because of the diet.
Its only now when I list them do I start to realise yes maybe there was something!!!

I think he will feel better after he has been to clinic.
Thanks for all your advise

Take care Deb x
Debbie, watch out for the 'reduced calorie' foods - they often replace fats with carbohydrates (fat is ~9 calories per gram, carbohydrates 4 calories per gram). Always look at the nutrition information on the pack - you may be paying extra, only to get more sugar and other carbohydrates! As I am sure you know, cakes, icecreams and other sweet things need to be occasional treats for diabetics, not everyday things. Fresh fruit is better, but still don't overdo it (some are better than others) and for something to crunch, unsalted nuts.
dear Catja,

I am a little concerned about the statement from the diabetes opthamologist. All Diabetes, type 1 and 2, have some nerve damage and eye changes, within 20 years of diagnosis. (info available quite easily)Yes, it may be kept to a minimum.My husband has never had a problem with blood pressure, but has still lost most of his sight.

A friend's 20 year old son last year lost his sight suddenly, diabetic since a baby, same as my younger son.

These are type 1 diabetics, but the 20 year old in particular has had a sensible diet, and his mother ensured he has stuck to it properly. He was into third year at college, so doind well in life.

Many with tyoe 2 already have nerve problems prior to diagnosis, due to symptoms creeping up gradually.

One more thing;when my husband was first seen to have retinopathy, it was noticed by the optician, and he was told to go straight to A and E.Make sure that regular eye testing is in place, as the sooner any changes are picked up, the sooner they can be dealt with.
Hi Catja,

I took my husband for his eye's tested today the optician said it was to early to test them as he hasn't been on his medication long enough & his glucose readings could change so they could end up having to change the prescription once things settle down. So until things settle down he has got to keep borrowing one of my old pair of reading glasses.

Thanks for the info on the unsalted nuts & other stuff I will make a note of it all.

Take care Deb x
I just read your post - I did not look at this section before...please bear with me.

My mentally ill / disabled husband was diagnosed as type 2 diabetes about 3 years ago. He noticed his vision was blear and he had constant need for toilet. It was happening so quikly - he lost his weight nearly 20kg for the next few month and our GP put him on metformin straight way (his glucose level was 24).

Since he had the current break down (in 2001), his clothes size increased 2 sizes begger in one year and it was very close to get another size up (easily over 100kg at 6ft 2). It was breaking point for him as he used to be a slim man but he lost his figure which made his depression worse. His previous psychiatrist paid no attention. Around that time we were living in hell and my husband had no medication yet. I tried to balance his mental stability and diet but he was craving sweets endlessly and his appetite was much begger than now. He knew he was doing wrong but his pains (depression) were too much so he made himself comfort by eating a lot and sweets. Our diet was not too bad but with our poorer finance at that time we could not have quality of food and enough vegetables & fruits.

home cooking, eat the some food between us, non sugar cereals and porridge with dry fruits, raw nuts and seeds as regular beakfast, flenty of water every day (2L a day), extra green vegetables, browns in stead of whites, use sweetner and honey, keep some enjoyment, read the back of packeges, balanced diet for a long term, add vegetarian variety, check in GP (diabetes clinic) regularly etc

Do not:
buy packet meals, special diet products, take aways and fast food, eat toast regularly (less feeling fuller), deep fry, replace vegetables by fruits, drink fruits juice and similar products, depend on diabetes cookery book, try to become vegetarian, worry about calories too much etc

Our GP also runs diabetes clinic so my husband is happy about receiving the GP's care. The diabetes clinic has been very supportive and understanding about the difficulties of mental ill health. They reassured us not to live with misery which only make the mental illness worse then affect diabetes. He is allowed to have a good quality of chocolate, home backed cake and alcohol occasionally (helps to stable nerves). But he has been struggling to excercise due to the depression. Fortunately, my husband has been responding to the diabetes treatment better than mental illness and he loves mediterranean & oriental food Image

Just watch out some GPs are non understanding about diabetes and depression. My husband's glucose level suddenly changed (about 16 in the morming) last summer which made him panic. He saw a GP who was only available and this GP nearly killed my husband by giving him wrong information Image
take care all