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Torrential nosebleed/very high blood pressure - Carers UK Forum

Torrential nosebleed/very high blood pressure

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My 84 year old mum has had high blood pressure since her 40's and it has peaked and levelled out for many years but most recently, the doctor has struggled to get it stabilised. She had the worst nosebleed I have ever seen in the early hours of this morning, it literally drowned her bed. Her BP this morning when the doctor took it was 211/85. I wish I had called an ambulance last night as I think she would have been kept in until they got it down but she was adamant I didn't. The doc has given her a different tablet to take at night, she is already on 2 other types-one is 30mg dose.

My maternal grandmother eventually died from a massive stroke after 2 previous ones and was bedridden and virtually vegetative for the last 6 months. It is not the sort of end of life I would wish on anyone -I am so scared of this happening to my mum Image I am so scared it will happen in the dead of night and I won't even know.
Wow, that is high blood pressure Fiona Image
It is always worrying when your parents become older and rather frail. There are a couple of things that occurred to me. Would a "lifeline" - one of those buttons to press in an emergency - be useful? Even if you live in the same home I think you can get it to go through to your phone, which would wake you up. The other thing is (and Im saying this respectfully, not knowing your circumstances), are you sure your mum is taking the tablets? Perhaps it keeps slipping her mind.
Lord, that's high. Image

I agree with crocus that a "lifeline" would be a good idea.
Thank you for your replies Image

My mum has one of those alarm things which I pay for, its a watch alarm that goes through to a call centre etc? its great when/if she remembers to wear it Image

Yes the tablet thing was an issue...the doctor increased one of her tablets from 20mg to 30mg but in x2 tablets and I realised she was only taking the 10mg one instead of both. There is an issue of early dementia there. Things seem to have settled now, we have another doctors appointment on Weds and a hospital appointment on Thurs. I don't live with mum as I have younger children, one with autism, my eldest son stays a lot of nights to be there just in case which is far from ideal as he is only 23 and is missing out on fun times but he is a good lad who loves his grandma Image
Hi fiona, would blister packs help as both tablets would be together and it might be easier to keep an eye on what she is taking?