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How do I find a decent nice Dentist? - Carers UK Forum

How do I find a decent nice Dentist?

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
Hi, I would be forever grateful if anyone could inform me of a decent, nice dentist in my area or more importantly how to find 1! Every time I put it into a search engine(google) it just comes up with other search suggestions and even if I click on 1 of them it just comes up with more search terms and I get no further!! :mad: :mad:

I have spent over 30,000 pounds on Dental care and I still have an ugly, unhealthy smile! I have been to nearly 25 Dentists and I can honestly say I have never ever came across a nice 1! I'm starting to feel like there are no decent, friendly Dentists in the U.K. whatsoever? Are there? Do I have to fly to America to find 1? Flying to America isn't practical whatsoever as I am disabled and have already spent, loaned and borrowed every last penny I possibly can.

I would be eternally grateful if somebody could point me in the direction of 1 or more importantly how I can find 1 and not go round in circles on the internet with no answers whatsoever. Please Please could someone help me?
I don’t think there is such a thing in UK and the 1’s that do have a good reputation are never taking new people on, the dentist I’m stuck with have destroyed my teeth and lots of people say same thing about all other dentists too, it’s like legal assault what they’re getting away with doing. I tried reading up on tips to find a good 1 and it just basically says use your intuition, if they’re saying you need a ton load of work doing when you don’t feel it’s justified they’re probably just money grabbers. So I guess we just have to trust our gut instincts and if what they’re saying we need doing doesn’t feel right walk out and start again elsewhere and keep walking out until it feels right. We haven’t really got a choice tbh they don’t seem to have much regulation in care of treatment to patients. If a doctor said you need your arm chopping off and you didn’t feel like there was that much wrong with it he’d have to justify it but with dentists they seem to have free reign to do what they like without any reason or investigation to their motives
There are good dentists out there, don't judge all of them by a bad experience.
Disabled people can have special treatment via the NHS. In our area it's called the "Community Dental Service".
You should go to private clinics. There you will find good specialists.
I understand perfectly what you are saying. And it took me a long time to find a specialist dentist who would do his job very well and at the same time be nice. My goal as a small child is to have a beautiful smile. But unfortunately, I invested a lot of money over a long period that didn't even help me achieve my goal. This discouraged me a lot, believing I would never have the smile I wanted. But after some time, I found a clinic - where I found that nice dentist who helped me reach this goal. So I recommend you to search much more on the Internet than to ask for recommendations from your close people.

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