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Should the nursing home be helping/encouraging Dad to walk? - Carers UK Forum

Should the nursing home be helping/encouraging Dad to walk?

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My Dad spent 7 weeks in hospital with pneumonia. He lost a lot of weight and became very frail. He was still able to walk small distances with a frame though.
Before he went in he was walking with his frame, was getting a little forgetful but managed to get about. The hospital discharged him in to a nursing home to 'improve and get stronger'.
He has now been in 4 weeks. At first they encouraged him up and he had a few physio appointments. I have found out now though that physio has stopped and they just transfer Dad from bed to wheelchair and no-one is encouraging him to walk etc. Is it right that they just give up on people walking like this? or do they just not have the time to help/encourage them. My Dad is in pain 'all the time' as he has 7 fractured discs in his back. The home are not managing to control his pain. It was not controlled before he went in to hospital despite being on Morphine and other very strong drugs. I also found out recently that he was sent from the hospital to nursing home with NO pain medication, not even paracetamol prescribed for him. The home was not allowed to give him painkillers unless written up by a GP, so my Dad must have been in agony for the first week before anyone realised just how much pain relief he needs. I just 'assumed' that the nursing home would have been given all the notes/prescriptions on my Dad and managed it. For the last 4 weeks they have started on paracetamol and are gradually building it up.......... despite the fact that I have told them he was in so much pain before he went in to hospital that we had to keep calling his GP out to help him.
Who do I need to speak to about my Dads pain who will take it seriously? and who should I speak to about the fact he was sent out of hospital with no pain relief and was left in serious pain for days, without me knowing.
Hi Sydney, that sounds very distressing for you and your Dad. You may find the residential home use their own local GP. Has your Dad been "handed over" by his former GP. Find out which Dr he now comes under and ring for an apointment. Perhaps ask for a referral to a pain clinic if your local health area has such a clinic. Dad had a fractured spine and he was prescribed a Fentonyl patch. That is an opioid so does come with side effects but he seemed to tolerate it better that Oramorph. Paracetamol seems to be the mildest one they prescribe even if it is 2 four times a day.
I can understand to a degree why the home are reluctant to encourage walking. They may feel the risk of falling and incurring further injury such as broken hip is not a worthwhile risk. Best to have a frank discussion with them to find out the reasons.
As for the hospital, definately worth a complaint about unsafe discharge , records not going with patient, pain not being assessed and medication inadequately prescribed etc. At very least it may prevent it happening to someone else.