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Sensory Integration Dysfunction (SID) - Carers UK Forum

Sensory Integration Dysfunction (SID)

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
Rory has been diagnosed with this and I am finding it difficult to deal with his difficulties - does anyone else on here have a child or caree with this, Rory has a constant need to be scratching something and he is still extremely clumsy and careless and isnt winding down, it took a long time to get a proper diagnosis of this - but his SID is really obvious now and it doesnt seem to matter what creams I put on his skin he still digs and scratches and sometimes slaps himself. He has to sit close to the tv (or feels the need to) and wants everything loud (like himself)... could this be a big reason to why he gets so angry and his behaviour is so bad??

Have a read of these to see if any use to you.



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Hi Marion. Please ignore my earlier comments about creams! I'd still go with the Piriton though.

Sensory issues can be a major issue in driving challenging behaviour, especially where there is pain involved. As with anyone else, scratching brings only temporary relief, and then the discomfort can return - intensified. Don't know what else to suggest, except maybe look at cutting out fabric softeners, as they can irritate eczema. Some washing soaps are more irritating that others, too. Perhaps something like that will cut down the irritation...

Another thing is to use, wherever you can, natural fibres and to keep your son as cool as possible without letting him get cold. Again, irritation increases when you're overheated. I have psoraisis and if I get too hot I don't have enough hands to do the scratching!!! Image