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Does anyone have experience of a cataract operation in someone elderly (late 80s) who also has glaucoma? Doctors seem to indicate that having the op may not make that much difference because of the glaucoma, but it would seem to be worth it for any slight improvement. What do others think?
I don't have any experience for those exact circumstances . Dad has cataracts and is very elderly- no one has mentioned any surgery. My brother had them at a much younger age and had both eye done separately with a good quick recovery. I had lazer surgery (not for cataracts) and it is a very quick procedure without GA (maybe different in the elderly). I would say be guided by the professionals and if there is a chance of improved eyesight with minimal risk then go for it.
The problem with glaucoma is that it destroys the retina, so that even if a cataract is removed there may be very little/no improvement in the sight. The surgery itself is pretty simple. Its done under a local anesthetic as a day case and no stitches are used as the incision is really tiny. You do need to keep absolutely still on your back for about 40 mins though.
Beware the aftercare though - you need to put drops in several times a day for about 3-4 weeks to make sure it heals up properly (this is in addition to the normal glaucoma drops). Some hospitals like you to use a shield over the eye too.
I suspect that the doctor is warning you that dad may go through all of this for no improvement and you may feel its not worth it.