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qestion re; epilepsy

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hi ,paul and study sorry to hear your caree's have had bad results with keppa.
there has been a vast decrease in malcolm's seizures since he has been on it .
he takes the max dose twice a day ,plus 3 other meds twice a day ,no wonder he rattles when he walks Image .
Hi David,
Thanks for the reassurance, Hubs still hasn't started on the Keppra yet (still waiting for the hospital to write to GP so he can write the prescription! Image )
Hi sturdy
Hubby has keppra and it helps the complex partials no end. He hasnt had too many side effects either.
Its like all things - what suits one person doesnt suit another. See how you get on
Thanks Crocus Image
Still no word from GP, 2 weeks tomorrow since clinic visit, so in the morning I will turn into phone witch! Image
Hubby has an appointment at the National Neurological Hospital in London on Wednesday. He went there after his road accident, so Im hoping that they still have all his records.
Hope the appointment goes well Crocus x

Hubs had an interesting seizure this morning, he started to shake and called me, said he thought he was going to have a fit and went into full on shakes mode.
After he came round he said it was the strangest feeling, and very scary, he was trembling (with fright) for a while after.
Another new epilepsy product, this was the first time he's had a warning, but the big seizures were mainly in his sleep up until recently so maybe a good thing? Theres very little warning (if any) with the partials.
Ho hum, never a dull moment Image
It sounds like hes getting an aura - this is a feeling that you know that you are going to have a seizure and is often with a hallucination of some sort - often a strange smell.
Amazing stuff once again, I had heard of an aura, but associated it with spiritulism Image
Off for a read up on the epilepsy society website see if I can find out more, thanks Crocus! Image
Hi all,
So the seizure alarms are in, Hubs has a pendant that monitors falls, it is very sensitive but that is good as during a partial he wobbles and leans before he goes down gracefully Image it also has a button to press. The bed alarm only registers after 13 seconds so it's o.k when Hubs has to faff about with his c-pap mask.
Both are wirelessly connected to a pager that I carry round which means I can put washing out/go to birdy shed etc without as much worry or speed! (I always seem to be rushing!)
All of this was free as it's in house, not using a telecare company, and I don't even have to change the batteries, just a phone call and someone will come out Image

Got in touch with Neuro secretary yesterday, the letter hadn't been sent even though it had been typed up on the 4th Image She faxed it to GP while I was on the phone.
I'm officially impressed!
The bed seizure alarm went off at 05.22, I was downstairs and wouldn't have known until Hubs got up groggy (then it's an educated guess).
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