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qestion re; epilepsy

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I get a good idea that there is one impending because he get a "lights on, but no-ones home" look in his eyes and his brain slows right down. Its always a bit slow, but when you ask him if he would like a cup of coffee and he looks at you and the only reply is, errr..... you know theres going to be trouble Image
Its difficult because he gets several different types of fits, but small fits, like absence attacks, or jerks in his hand or face will often mean that theres a big generalised seizure coming.
hi .mal goes quiet and stares in to space when he is about to go in to one.
Hi all,
Hope everyone's ok.
Went to a vns support group meeting this week. Son has had his vns for 10 years now but we don't know anyone else with vns and had never heard of the support group before.
It was really interesting and informative talking to others who have vns as our son cannot communicate with us and it has given us some valuable insights.
One of the consultants and a rep from Cyberonics, who manufacture vns, were also there , so it was useful to talk to them too.
Best wishes for Christmas,
just wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and an even better 2014.

Just an update on channel 5 Brain Hospital......we have seen the preview of the show and channel 5 were that pleased with it a new time slot has been allocated although not confirmed yet.
Lisa, myself and Lucy are in episode two along with two others, I think we're the only story on epilepsy and DBS (deep brain stimulation).It will be a very interesting four part series as it's all to do with the brain and the excellent Walton Centre in Liverpool.
Lisa's story is going in our local paper 2 weeks before broadcast and if it's online i'll post the link here.

Brain Hospital is due to start the last week in January 2014.
until then, thanks all for your good wishes and support for what's been a difficult year for my family.
Happy Christmas Paul and Lisa Image
Ill look out for the series in January.
Thanks Paul, Happy Christmas to you too.
Will be watching out for the series x
Hi guys hope everyone coped ok through the usual Christmas ups and downs!
Not been in for ages - things are just the same here. Coo's Still stuck on 10-12 seizures a day and hanging on in there.
How's everyone else doing?
M x
Hi Marie,
Been up and down here too!
Hubs stressed so more seizures Image
But he's also been quite sick again so not keeping down the meds properly Image

Good job our sense of humour is still intact! Image

Paul, Crocus, how's things with you all?
Hi sturdy, hubby is being referred back to the National Neurological hospital
Thats really good Crocus, hope you get a better result this time and they actually listen to you xx
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