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qestion re; epilepsy

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Thank-you Sturdygirl, they might be filming us a bit more also, had a text message yesterday funny enough to say Channel Five had seen the edited version (series two) of Brain Hospital and they were very "moved" by Lisa's case, so I hope after all this they'll show it in Jan/Feb 2014 and give others the chance to learn how we cope and about new treatments.
Hi Paul,
How's Lisa getting on?
well she's doing not bad at all to be honest at the moment. Lisa came out of hospital last Friday having spent 2 weeks having extended EEG's and psychology testing, the neurosurgeon was very surprised how Lisa's memory improved at various levels of stimulation, her best achievement was number recall and the speed at which she did this.
We're back in around 4 weeks time in day clinic.. once they've looked at all the data captured then they'll tweak the stimulation to suit, but this is just the starting point and adjustments will continue over the next 18 months.
Seizure wise it might be that she's just going through a good patch but this last 2 weeks have been good...a few completely clear days (unheard of for Lisa) other days she's had 2-3 seizures maybe.....most of these were very quick, but no clusters (continuous seizures) she's needed no Diazepam or Midazalam (rescue meds) during the last 3 weeks.
In herself she seems much brighter and clearer, and her mood is very happy.
A long way to go yet ...I'll keep you posted.
That sounds very positive Paul Image Hope the progress continues, or is, at least, maintained
That sounds hopeful, Paul. Hope things improve further.
thank-you both, I will certainly update you over the coming months.
Hi Paul,
I am so pleased to hear things are better at the moment Image
It must make such a difference to you all, especially Lisa and her general feelings. (My Hubs is no where near as bad and it gets him so very down)
I hope Lisa continues to improve, or at least keeps on a steady path with far fewer seizures.
Thanks Sturdy...we'll see what the next few weeks will bring.
Hi, just a quick update for you. We had our preview of Brain Hospital series 2 on Sunday night, and we're fairly happy with it. Lisa's story will be in episode two along with 2 others, and the series is due to start at the end of January.
There is 4 programs altogether. You will see Lisa having one of her small seizures after we've come in from the local park, our daughter reads a bit to the camera on what happens during a seizure. The surgery is shown and the reality as it happened.
I'll remind everyone nearer the time.
I really want to watch this paul, but will certainly need a reminder Image
It must be very hard for you and Lisa.
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