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qestion re; epilepsy

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Happy Birthday Marie!
Sorry it's late, but just found another thread with your name on it Image
Hope you had a good day
Thanks Sturdy,we rested up on my birthday as we were going away the next day instead!
We went to Jesus Christ Superstar at the Hydro in Glasgow and it was brilliant! Image
We've got an SDS (Self Directed Support) care package, which allows us some flexible respite funding. It's made such a difference for us both!
We were always unable to travel, do a show and travel back home again - it was just too much to manage!
The flexible budget means we can travel up to the city, book in early at the Travelodge so Coo can haver a wee sleep, then attend an evening show, sleep over and be fresh for the trip back home!
It's a good system for us.
Only wish other Carers could access this type of support.
Marie x
Sounds like a wonderful day out Marie. So glad you had a lovely birthday treat and the flexible budget really helped. Image
Sounds lovely Marie Image
So glad you had a good time Image
Hi all,
How is everyone?
Hubs was at Neuro yesterday, going for the 'watch and wait' approach for now as due to GP cock up he only recently had the last increase in meds.
Hubs has actually had a decent coupe of weeks, only 6 seizures! Image
Not holding my breath, but maybe we have found a level & drug that suits him, or even sticking to the same brand is doing the trick.
We see Neuro again in 6 months, with Epilepsy nurse in between.

Paul, how is Lisa doing, are you back at the hospital soon? Good luck xx
So glad that things seem to settling down sturdy. Image Fingers crossed that theyve got the meds right.
Hi Sturdy bad week for us i'm afraid, however Lisa goes back into hospital this Sunday afternoon (20th) for a week to 10 days of tests and stimulation adjustments.
This was all planned now that's she's used to continuous stimulation of 2.2 volts, lots of tests to get through but basically she'll be having an EEG for a number of days while they look at changes in her brain activity as they adjust stimulation.
So I remain open minded, the good thing is it's all completely reversible and no actual surgery this time. I'll let you know how we get on once we're home. Glad your husband is doing a bit better.
Hi Paul, Ill be thinking about you and Lisa this week-end.
Keep us posted as to how she gets on
thanks Crocus
Hi Paul,
Please wish Lisa the very best of luck for the coming week(s) for me, I'll be thinking of you all.
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