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qestion re; epilepsy

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Let us know how she gets on paul
Hi Paul,
Pleased you managed to attend the appointment, how is Lisa ?
How does she feel about having the DBS, it must be very nerve wracking, but at the same time, give hope of a better life.
I do hope it goes well, is there are long wait?
Very best wishes to you both
Hi guys hope you're all doing ok!
Good news Lisa got on ok at her appointment Paul - just a waiting game now for results!
Keep strong everyone
M x
Lisa's not worried at all and wants to go through with it, i just stand by what she wants (deep down i am worried though, but who wouldn't be).Seizures are very frequent with very few clear days, simular to Marie's OH.
It's expected Lisa will go into hospital sometime during the summer, but first they have to look at Lisa's scan to rule out any further possibility of resective surgery (which is thought unlikely) should know in 4-6 weeks.
How is everyone?
Up and down here as usual, although the sunshine has brightened moods!
Still no letter from the consultant re;change of meds, I was really hoping to get Hubs started on them before his No2 DD gets married next month, nothing from the Epilepsy Nurses yet either Image
Hi can you give the consultant neuro's secretary a phone - we do this when things are not so good! We have had prescriptions, new meds and dose changes sorted this way! We just said we cannot wait any longer, can you please ask neuro to sort a prescription as we are really struggling!
Maybe worth a try!
M x
Ill bet either the consultant or the secretary was on holiday over easter and thats why theres been a delay. I agree with marie - give the sec a ring. Image
Thanks Marie, I thought I'd give it until friday, then if we've heard nothing I'll get on the phone.
Crocus, I though easter might have held things up a bit, but it's been 3 weeks now Image
I just want to see in writing exactly how the change over is going to work, after so many problems in the past, I need time to get my head round it before tackling the GP! lol
I know where you are coming from sturdy. We are seeing hubbies neurologist on Fri Image
Good luck Crocus, hope it goes well xx
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