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qestion re; epilepsy

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Morning Image
How is everyone?
OH still up and down, had a bad day Wed, slept most of Wed/Thur away.
I have never known him to talk in his sleep in the 20 years we have been together, but this past month or two he hasn't shut up! Quite funny mostly, but a little irritating at 4 am! Image
Did you watch the hospital programme again? I did, very sad, certainly puts things into perspective.

Good morning. My hubby is still up and down too. Im a bit worried about this week-end. My son is getting married in the summer and his fiancees parents are staying for a few days in this area, so Ive invited them to dinner on Saturday. I just hope hubbys up to it, would be just my luck if he has a big fit and ends up in hospital when they are here Image
Actually, Im probably being unduly pessimistic here - hes more likely to have the big one after they have gone and he can relax Image
Missed the hospital program this week - was too tired. I noticed that there was another one on BBC2 and I might see if I can catch it on iplayer
Hi guys, must be the weather!
OH is very sleepy and we've lost most of this week too. Image Lot's of seizures, drug levels all over the place, white cells raised too and now a temeprature!
Par for the course I'm afraid.
At least I don't feel alone in this anymore.

Keep strong everyone,
M x
Your not alone Marie, we've had a difficult day today.Has your OH tried Perampanel a new AED? not sure if i've asked you before.. Image plus if any of you use facebook i've added a bit of footage of Lisa's absences, if your interested let me know and i'll add you.
Hope everyone else is ok, and that you'll have a reasonable week.
Hi Paul, I asked the neuro about Perampanel and it seems it's not suitable for OH. Due to his bronchitis and asthma problems, he has continual chest and upper tract infections and it seems, that's also a side effect of this newer drug.

He's also a bit stressed re - all this bedroom tax and ESA in the news recently and if a brown envelope pops through the door there's almost a melt down. Image Image

I hope everyone else is hanging on in there!
Marie x
Hi, hubby is still getting absence attacks, but probably no-one else is noticing and hes coping OK, just very tired

Marie - ESA is causing loads of stress here as they said he should be in the work group and we are having to appeal. Its a rather banned subject here too
Back to the GP today, hopefully it will not be a wasted visit.
Ahh Marie, the dreaded Brown Envelope Syndrome!
Hubs face drops when one arrives, when we were having problems with ESA/DLA, he would even shake and get really stressed! Image
Hubs is being referred to the sleep clinic and GP has written to Neuro.
All his blood tests came back fine, so there's no underlying reason for the increased seizures and extreme tiredness - so it's either the lamotrigine that doesn't agree with him or to do with the sleep apnea, or a mix of the two.
Once again, it's a case of we'll just have to wait and see
Its good they are continuing to investigate it Image
Hi Sturdygirl, did you view those video's on facebook? just wondered if you've seen anything like that before?
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