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Problems with wheelchairs

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
I am looking for some advice on wheelchairs. My hubby has recently become a double leg amputee so his wheelchairs had to be changed for better balance to ones with the rear self propelling wheels further back. The new wheelchairs are slightly heavier than previous ones (I have to lift one in and out of car when we go out) so lightweight as possible would be good. Also the arms on his new ones have to be taken off completely when he does his transfers this is okay but hubby has no where to put the arm, so that means I have to be on hand to take it from him, and hand it back to him when he swaps to transfer again' i.e from sofa to wheelchair, from wheelchair to stairlift, which is not keeping him as independent as possible The other frightening thing is that when he transfers from stairlift to wheelchair at top of stairs because of the way he has to have the wheelchair positioned the small wheels at the front are perilously close to the top step on our stairs. The OT did come out to assess him and did not pick up on this but not sure if it is hubby who is having to position the wheelchair differently now he has been at home for a dew days. Another OT is going to contact us to see what can be done, has to be a different OT as hubby is now out of hospital (gosh its a farse sometimes). But if anyone can give me some help prior to the visit I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance Elsa
my wife has been in a wheelchair for 30 years, it does not become any easier. My wife Anne was the handicap adviser to the commission in the white house in America. i have had to deal with problems with wheelchairs for the last 14 years. they do not make buildings that are safe for wheelchairs. most of the problems i would never have dreamed of till i started livening with a user. curbs, steps,narrow doors, door handles in wrong place. tight door entrances where the door opens to wards you,even the controls of the cooker at the back so some one in a wheelchair burns there arms when using it. the list is endless. some times a simple cure can be effected like at the top of the stairs a piece of wood about half inch high across the top stair stops the chair going over. Then you get the experts( ex being a has been and a spurt is a drip under pressure) time they have finished equipping your house you cant move. some times a strong voice and not backing down till you have your requirements is the best approach to dealing with the problem, i wish you luck and don't give up
There are wheelchairs with arms that swing right back so wouldn't need to be removed and stored.

Here's one, but if you Google 'wheelchairs with swing arms' there are a number.
http://www.drivemedical.com/index.php/b ... r-978.html

The other issue is one I'd be tempted to drag the OT out again to deal with. As you've said it's dangerous.