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Re: Pharmacy switching my caree from fentanyl to zoromorph

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 5:42 pm
by Colin _1706
In other words just giving my partner/caree a high dose of oral opiates 3 days after her last fentanyl patch and then see how it goes for 2 weeks is totally inadequate if not dangerous.
Considering the pharmacist incorrectly told my partner there are no contra-indications for her use of zomorph, this is a bad start.

Two contraindications according to this:

DO NOT take Zomorph capsules if:
* you have raised intracranial pressure (severe headache), for example from a head injury

My partner suffers badly from intercranial hypertension and she has major migraines too.

Take special care with Zomorph capsules
The dose should be reduced or stopped if you:
* have asthma.

She suffers from asthma.

Re: Pharmacy switching my caree from fentanyl to zoromorph

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 10:29 pm
by Colin _1706
A quick update.
We sat down in the waiting area ten minutes before the appt.
Doctor was 20 minutes late. He made no apology. He had no idea the surgery pharmacist was supposed to be there.
He knew nothing about what we had come to discuss.
He knew nothing about the Zomorph change to the fentanyl prescription or its unsuitability for my caree's medical conditions.
So we tried to explain it needs to be checked out fully and properly.
Despite him smiling lots and saying reassuring things like don't worry etc. neither of us felt any less confident.
We didn't go for reassurance we went for answers particularly in respect of Zomorpth having a "do not use" on anyone with cranial hypertension.

So it has to go before their panel of GPs.
But for goodness sake don't give her anything dangerous.
To be totally honest the NHS give me feelings of despair.

We will wait and see what the panel says.