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lack of speech

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Hello everyone..just wondered how others cope with the person they care for having little or no speech. My spouse has become a tetraplegic (from a CVA) which is terrible enough but the hardest thing is the inability to speak. A few words are just intelligible but mostly it is very hard for him to articulate- and especially when he really wants to. There is enough use in one hand for him to point to letters or to type on a pc thankgoodness. But it is so very very frustrating for him- esp when he really wants something done quickly or he is really intense about something (which can be often) and I or other carers don't get it. It feels like the cruelest thing.
Oh yes Image
We use eye/eyelid 'morse' code and we've got pretty adept, but it can still be very frustrating!
I used to be a nurse, and some of our patients who could not speak were able to communicate by singing their needs to us.Somehow the part of the brain needed to sing,might not be the same part as needed for speech.
I don't know if that will help you at all.
My elder son has Downs Syndrome and when he was small he used Makaton sign language which is a much simplified sign language,to ensure someone could easily do it if they had problems using their hands.
It must be SO frustrating for both of you. I do hope you find a way that will help you both.x
Hello flower, this is a very special problem. Presumably your OH had a period in hospital and rehab? Might be worth going back to them and asking if they could suggest anything.
hello there...to have people to talk to is just so incredibly comforting..thankyou as always. We have a carers site here in NZ but no forum- which i feel is the most important thing.
"We" have been discharged from Speech therapy- it was felt no more could be done due to the severe dysarthria but we were taught some really good techniques. Its hard when that happens as you have to acknowledge that no great improvements are likely to happen and you have to manage with what you have. Until you don't have it, its hard to believe how important speech is for communicating isn't it. And how lack of it keeps previous friends from keeping in touch...
That's a shame you have no forum, 'talking' to people makes the world of difference.
Yes it does! thankgoodness for this...
There's only so much you want to "burden" friends and family with thats for sure. And just when you really feel you could do with a call or a txt, no-one calls! Everyone else has their own troubles.