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warning for anyone with insulin dependent diabetes - Carers UK Forum

warning for anyone with insulin dependent diabetes

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We have come across a few problems with my son's insulin pens lately.The mechanism has gone wrong, and it has not given out any insulin, so his blood sugars have gone very high. Boots the chemist phoned the manufacturers this morning, who state that it needs to have a new needle in place every time an injection is given.We have previously been advised that this is not necessary, and three or four uses are fine.(which makes life easier for the day centre staff and family, and less worrying for my son.

This is going to cause problems for our son and the support workers. We will now have to show them how to sort out the new needle,get rid of the air in the needle, plus the most important, get rid of the used sharp. We have a sharps box at home,but it will be more inconvenient for the day centre staff,and the law is a bit complicated carrying used sharps.

The insulin is Novorapid, and this is the third time it has occurred in the last six months.
Hi Lazydaisy?

Is it a pre-filled pen? You do have to replace the needle after every injection with those. Is it possible to change to a pen that you refill with cartridges? The Novorapid can be used with the NovoPens which are refillable. I have had NovoPens before and not changed the needle after every injection without any problems. I would check with your diabetes nurse to see if they can offer you an alternative device which would mean you wouldn't have to change the needle every time.

Thank you Chris. Yes it is a prefilled pen. It has always gone against the grain to re-use needles, as while I was nursing, we had to get rid of all sharps immediately.

I will contact the Diabetes nurse tomorrow.
I'm afraid after 18 years as a type 1 I have developed bad habits and don't change my needles anywhere near as often as I should!

I expect in an ideal world they would recommend a fresh needle every time but I know I could never do it, it simply isn't practical. I'd be interested to know what the nurse says anyway.

Good luck with it.

Have had to leave a message, but hopefully the nurse will get back in touch today. The Learning Disability nurse will have to become involved, but she is quite supportive, so hopefully we can review the options together.

I will let you know how it goes!
Hi Lazydaisy - just wondered how you're getting on with the needles?

We have an unlabelled pill bottle which we have used to keep used sharps in temporarily if away from home - then emptied that into the usual sharps container once back home.