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Does anyone here suffer from or care for someone who suffers from neuropathy. My daughter has had symptoms of it following her dermoid cyst surgery. She has been referred to a neurologist for a diagnosis. The hardest part for her is finding clothes which don't make her want to scream when she wears them.

Would love to hear how anyone else copes with this condition.


Hubby has peripheral neuropathy, but I guess this is not the same thing as it causes him to be very unsteady on his feet and gives him hand tremour.
Hi Crocus, I think it might be the same thing because I read that neuropathy is just short for peripheral neuropathy, which causes damage to your peripheral nervous system. She has it in her leg, which still gets sore, especially in the rain and if she does a lot of walking, but she doesn't seem to have as much problem with her skin, mainly thanks to the itch relief cream she uses. She also has problems with balance and sometimes gets the hand tremors and still hasn't been sent to a neurologist for a diagnosis. A few days ago she was at a meeting at a place about a mile from where she lives, but when she tried to arrange for a lift back after the meeting she was told to 'walk slowly'. She had a very sore back and leg by the time she had walked home.

Im very sorry to hear that she still hasnt been referred to a neurologist, perhaps your could give your GP the hurry ups.
Mind you, Im not sure that there is much in the way of treatment for it - certainly hubby hasnt been offered any. Mostly we just cope with the problems - he has a walking stick (a cool one with a deer antler for a handle so that it doesnt look like an old mans one Image ) to help with walking and goes to a podiatrist once a month as he has difficulty cutting his toe nails.
My husband has neuropathic symptoms with his MS.
Mostly they involve pain, pin and needles and a "buzzing" sensation in his hands and from his feet up to his knees. Sometimes he says his whole body is "buzzing"

He has been on several medications for this including pregabalin, amytriptiline and gabapentin. Unfortunately they had limited effect for him and he didnt do so well with the side effects. But that doesnt mean they dont work for others. Hes currently only taking co codamol and trying to work through it without taking anything else. I have heard of another drug called duloxetine, which has been used with success for diabetic neuropathy.This has also been mentioned to hubby in respect of his pain.

Definately get chasing the doctor up.Sometimes they dont seem to realise how much this affects people as it cant be "seen" as such. Hope you get some answers soon.
I just remembered that my daughter was put on amitryptilene but it made her very drowsy so she came off it. The problem with getting a referral to the neurologist is that it was not her usual doctor who talked about doing that and she says her own doctor probably thinks there is no point in referring her.