Multiple Myeloma

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Thank you Norman. Yes it is rather strange isn't it? I think it all boils down to the deference which we are still expected to display towards these 'professionals'. They still use that old adage that our health care is "free at the point of delivery" and as such we are expected to be silent and grateful. Free??? My husband and I have paid for this care we are now asking for over many, many years. I don't do deference. I am a fairly bright individual but until talking to this lady in the USA I didn't even realise the complexity of this cancer. I am armed with questions now for our next visit on 14th March. I shall report on here how we get on.
I don't know that it's so much about how much or little we pay for our health service as the American doctors fully inform and involve patients and family in the care and treatment of conditions so that the possibility of litigation is minimised.

After all, if you know the risks, you can only blame yourself for taking them.

But there is still a "keep me on the pedestal" attitude out there among consultants in particular - remember the joke about the consultant in heaven, queueing for his dinner? He spots somebody queue-jumping and says: "That's not right! Who is that?" One of the angels turns to him and says: "Oh, that's God. He sometimes likes to play 'consultant'!"