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Multiple conditions

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
Ive been a carer for over 16 years firstly for my kids, son, who was diabetic from the age of 3, then developed asthama, epilepsy, & arthritis, he also had problems keeping food down & was constanly being sick.

2 weeks before he was diagnosed with diabetes, id given birth to my 2nd child, my daughter was born with asthma & had breathing problems from day one, she then caught whooping cough before she was 6 weeks old & was given the whooping cough jabs because it wasnt realised she had whooping cough they thought it was with the asthma, & she ended up very ill in hospital, she stopped breathing a number of times & twice I had to do CPR while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

She needed to be put on a nebuliser 3 times a day as well as taking meds & having inhalers, I also noticed she wasnt progressing as fast as my first child & mentioned it, time & time again they said I was being an over anxious mother (they also said thsi when I kept saying something was wrong with my son & he'd had diabtetes for a while before he was diagnosed but because he was such a poor eater & lived on bottles of milk it went undetected for a long time)

My daughter had her Hib vacination (which was a new thing at the time) with in 24 hours of it she was unwell & began having mini fits, once she'd had 34 over a period of a few days they admitted her to hospital where they increased & increased till she was having roughly 1 every hour or so, till the knocked her out with meds, she slept for 2 days & was on a drip to keep her hydrated.

We left hospital with an array of new meds to go with her inhalers so I had a diabetic epileptic asthmatic, 3 year old who also had arthritis & an asthmatic epileptic 10 month old, my daughter also had a developmental delay due to her epilepsy ,& had continence problems too, not easy when your on your own, but the only way to deal with it is get on with it basically, around about this time my husband walked out.

We just carried on as best we could when my daughter was 5 they tried to take her off the epilepsy meds she'd only been reduced on doses 2 weeks when she started having more fits then went into cluster fits & was rushed back into hospital on boxing day, from then on her meds had to be changed 2 or 3 times to get her back under control, but she was left with learning difficulties, behavioural problems, co-ordiantion problems & memory problems, most of which she still has today.( & the continence problems never improved either)

Then my mum was diagnosed with Alzhiemers & my stepdad with motor neurone in the same week, & I although id already been caring for them in addition to my kids, as their conditions changed so did the amount of care needed.

So now I care for 4 people, as my son is still at home & also developed mental health problems. on top of all the others he had, so its not just one particular condition I care for its quite a few different ones.
The more I visit this site, the more incredible people I meet.

Welcome to the list Sue.
Hello & thank you charles, wish id found this site sooner, theres a really nice feeling about the site & great support too.
yes, may i welcome you to sue. you have my deepest respect for what you have achieved and are still doing.

pam xx
some of you never cease to amaze.....I truly believe there ARE angels.

maybe the halos slide occasionally, but they are still angels...
Hi there I to think you are amazing, May I excuse my spelling at the start. Coping with 4 people must be totaly draining. I am caring for my husband who has multipul problems. Where do I start. He has Eczema and Asthma. which he has had since birth. His Asthma is fairly well controled but deteriorates very quickly so we keep a nebuliser on hand for when we need it. His Eczema in the other hand is compleetly uncontrolable, and we have tried everyting, I would love to hear from anyone who has the same sort of experiance as we have been told that there are only a handful of people with eczema like it and we have the Dermatologists baffled. As a result of the medication that he has been given over the last 36 years he now has, fibromialgia, ostioperosis, surpressed adrenal glands and they are looking in to ostioarthritus, as well as problems with eating, depresion and mood swings. we have 4 boys who thank god all all fit and well, but I do worry about the impact that it has on them. I know how hard it is with one who has multipul problem, You are doing so well and just remember that they are in a family that is full of love. and that workes wonders
Image My apologies for the late reply, I take my hat off to you and that is not meant to be patronising.
p.s. the photo attached to your handle are they rotty's?