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Mum having a pacemaker fitted - anything I need to know? - Carers UK Forum

Mum having a pacemaker fitted - anything I need to know?

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Hello. Hope this is the right part of the forum.

My mother is having a pacemaker fitted. I'm expecting her home in the next day or two.

I know that she's likely to be quite tired for the first few days, that she shouldn't over exert and that she needs to keep her arms down. I also know she needs to be careful with anything that has a magnet in it or certain radiowaves and keep them away from her chest.

To be honest, everything seems relatively straightforward - however, as I am not able to be at the hospital with her* I'm relying on relatives to relay messages from the doctors and there is always the chance they'll miss something, and I thought I'd ask here as I'm sure some people have experiences with these things and might be able to offer some advice.

*Just in case the question is asked - we have a dog prone to separation anxiety. If left alone, she'll either trash the house, do something stupid and injure herself, or if crated, howl and annoy the neighbours. Hence, I've needed to remain here. She's already having a whine because mum isn't here but as long as I'm here, she keeps calm and is content to stare out of the window waiting for her to come home. Poor thing.
Hi KathR

have a read of this https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/pacemaker ... /recovery/ you might find it answers most of your questions. Other than that I can recommend the British Heart Foundation website - it's a mine of useful information.

They produce lots of downloadable factsheets and free booklets on lots of heart related topics - hopefully this link will take you straight to the page relating to the publications/factsheets about pacemakers
https://www.bhf.org.uk/publications?key ... &showAdv=1

I had a quadruple heart bypass in September 2016 and have found their website a very useful source of information :D
Hi susie,

Thanks for the links. Having just spoken to the hospital, it looks like I now might need to look at pneumothoraxes as well. :cry:

I'll have to keep mum from "twiddling" with it - she's a natural twiddler. :lol:

I'm hoping that's just a slight nick and all will be well... but ugh. I'll be glad when April 2018 is no longer a thing.

Waiting on the lung specialist now.

Still I suppose I can look on the bright side - I can catch up on some sleep!
I'm pretty sure she won't be able to 'twiddle' with it as it's placed inside the chest wall -nothing on the outside to 'twiddle' with ! All that you should see are a couple of stitches where it's been inserted.
That's good. The link mentioned 'twiddling'. Kinda made me chuckle.
My FIL had a pacemaker about 15 years ago. He has a slight bump under the skin that all. The monitoring checks were easy,as was a battery replacement.
Thanks, MrsAverage. All sounds simple.

Because of the pneumothorax, it's gonna be the end of the week before she's home according to what I've heard this afternoon.
Do try to use the time as a bit of respite for you, it may 'be sometime before you next get a break
Hi MrsAverage

Thanks again :)

I did have one heck of a lie-in this morning! :lol:

Hoping to use tomorrow to get a bit of undisturbed work done on my forever-in-progress novel.