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Moviprep & MS

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
Oh Pet, I'm sorry you've been shouted at too. It's horrible isn't it? I feel like I have no control. I hope you get the medication issue sorted x
Teafiend - I am 32 as well (just). I feel about 100 though. Today I've felt really sorry for myself and very much "I hate my life". Nothing like a bit of dramatics lol.

Anyhoo, turns out mum had a form to fill in that goes back to the hospital. I wrote it out for her & she dictated. We've said the moviprep cannot be administered at home due to mobility issues & fatigue issues, specifying she is severely disabled & unable to cope with it. We've also said she will not have someone with her for 12 hours after she gets home after the procedure (she said to put that I cannot get the time off work as I work for the police, which is true!)

Everything back to normal, mum enjoying her TV programs, me sitting on sofa trying to let this go. At least the hospital will get the form next week, & they can then decide what they're going to do. Sometimes I think mums mood swings are when she is frightened, but that doesn't help me!

Thanks for your advice everyone. Some days the little things overwhelm me, when it's something different to normal it's like "aaagh, how do I deal with this??" Glad I joined this site that's for sure!
Hi Red
Yes, i'd have freaked at the idea too!!! I'vs had to use that moviprep stuff 3 times now and have vowed never again, and I'm fit and mobile. It's the best motivator to make me eat right :lol: Mum and you would not cope.

I'm glad it's working out, but your reaction to the situation does highlight the stress you are under and that you are very near the top of what you can cope with. Don't be hard on yourself, and yes knowing Mum may lash out because she's scared will help as you now know she's not aiming it at you. You can even reflect it back to her, I.e "Mum, I know you are scared, so please don't take it out on me. Let's talk it through instead"

Thank you MrsA. I will save that line for next time :) and you're right, this year has been exceptionally stressful & I am exhausted. Think the cracks are starting to show.