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More problems for Mum

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My Mum has had three leg joint replacemenrts in the last two years - the last one being in November (which doesn't seem to have been too successful). She is on a zimmer frame to get around the house and a wheelchair when she goes out. Last night she broke her collar bone somehow, so she is down to one working limb. They were going to send her home for me to look after with a sling and some painkillers - until I said 'no way'. She can't stand, she can't move without help - how did they expect me to cope. Image

Anyway, they've not accepted that there is no possibility of her coming home, so they've admitted her, and she may go on into a rehab home (if one will have her in her condition). They're doing tests to try and find out why her bone broke. She'd been in pain for a few days and the physio who came to work on her knee on Tuesday thought she'd strained her shoulder becasue she was leaning on her zimmer frame so hard becasue of her leg. When Mum got to bed last night, she only sat up on the edge of the bed and there was a loud crack. I heard a yell above the TV downstairs and the sound of her crying, and found her with a great lump on her collar bone. So I finally got home from A&E at 1am this morning.

It's just been one thing after the other and it's hard to be positive and not make her feel like a burden. Image I had a good cry on several occasions over the past 24 hours, but only visiting my new pony while Mum underwent a day of continuous tests (which seem set to continue for a couple more days) was the only thing that made me feel better. There's nothing better than animal therapy. Image

It's just so difficult not to get too deeply depressed and downhearted. I just wonder what the future holds.
Hi Biggles,
I'm sorry I haven't replied earlier, I've only just seen your post.
I wondered how you and your Mum are today. Is your Mum still in hospital or have they moved her now?
It is very hard to stay positive when everything seems to be going wrong, but you have come to the right place here, there is lots of support from people who know how you are feeling and they will give you advice when you need it.
Take care
Bluebird xx
Hi Bluebird,

Thanks for your email. I saw Mum today and she seems okay. She had a full bone scan and x-rays of her knee yesterday. Still waiting to hear the results. She did say that they may have to do a bit of tinkering with her knee to try and get it straight. If that happened she could probably come home because she'd have two legs that worked so she wouldn't be so reliant on her arms for balance etc on her zimmer frame with only one working arm.

I didn't go to work on Monday - felt guilty, but I've been on the go with Mum for the past 2 and a half years and this last mishap was the last straw. Other people just don't understand what it is like to be a carer. They are very sympathertic and worried about Mum which is fair enough, but they seem to consider what it is like for the person that looks after them. It just makes you feel invisible and taken for granted. Just because Mum's in hospital doesn't mean I'm getting a break. In fact, I think you tend to run around more.

Anyway, thanks again,