Acquired brain injury due to severe assault!

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Anyone here caring for a loved one who suffers above? We have 'other' medical conditions in addition with an early onset dementia ( non progressive) diagnosis. We are facing 75% 'cuts' to my loved ones funding to support him in his own home so I would appreciate any advice please? Local Social work dept trying to take away ALL 7 sleepovers plus a further 27 day hours leaving us with 14 day hours. It's a nightmare at the mo....these 'cuts' due to overspend from SWD locally last year? This is not our responsibility but we are facing the 'backlash'! ;-( :roll:
The same is happening in our area, night care is being cut, just too expensive basically, one man was told he could wear nappys, not exactly dignity in care.
I was told by a disability organisation that the Local Authority cannot refuse services quoting lack of money, if a person is assessed as needing the service then it has to be supplied.

You need to complain and go to the ombudsman if you do not get satisfactory results.