Hi Maria,

He is still suffering with daily pain and chronic basilar migraine attacks, at least 1-2 per week. He has developed a sleep disorder due to the long term use of his hefty medication and is now struggling with muscle pain due to not getting out much.
The NHS are throwing stuff at him including acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy and counselling alongside his 5 different meds and now three monthly botox injections plus a Cefaly device.
Its hard going, relentless and the appointments are hard to keep up with, my employer is being sympathetic but I worry that it wont last forever, I am a teacher so being missing for a class is really difficult in terms of organising cover etc.

We have started doing a blog about his condition in the hope to raise awareness of complex migraine and the difficulties faced.
Unfortunately the DWP don't see it that way and have removed his PIP, apparently he isn't disabled enough to receive it.
We are going to tribunal but not hopeful.

Here is a link to our video blogs about his condition.