Research To Explore Needs Of People With Parkinson’s

The first ever study into the needs of people with Parkinson’s and their carers is to be carried out by the University of Ulster.

Researchers from Ulster's School of Nursing will lead the two-year study which will focus on palliative care needs.

Palliative care includes a broad range of interventions that collaboratively help the patient and their family maintain a good quality of life while living with an advanced illness.

The research project, carried out in conjunction with the Parkinson’s Disease Society Northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland Hospice, will explore the views and care needs of people with Parkinson’s or those who care or previously cared for someone with Parkinson’s in the home.

Researchers hope this study will help them understand palliative care needs and how they can be met by healthcare professionals.

George Kernohan, Professor of Health Research at Ulster, said: “There is a lack of research on the needs and experiences of Parkinson’s patients and carers at the palliative care stage. This is the first research of its kind to be conducted here in Northern Ireland.

“This research study is particularly timely, as the UK government has recently recommended that palliative care should be available to everyone with an incurable disease. However the provision of palliative care services for Parkinson’s disease lags behind and raises many problems for carers and patients alike.â€Â