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Hello All

Just wondered as Catwit had mentioned Lorazapam in her post on another thread, it made me think about how I manage my Mums medication.

Mum has been on Lorazapam for a good few years now and it worries me. The doctor has suggested reducing it and I have managed to by 1mg, its not a great deal, but as Mum is only 54 I often wonder how I'll manage to get her off them completely and what will be the replacement?

Does anybody have the same worry or can anybody advise how they managed it?

Any suggestions welcome..

Take care all
Maryann x
I think Lorazepam is something like the diazepam maryann....my partner gets 10mg of diazepam along with his other meds, I got his doc to reduce his Diazepam he now only gets 10 a week....but if ure mum is only getting 1mg lorazepam she shouldnt get side effects, im not sure though hope this helps....Lesley
Thanks Lesley for your reply.

Well as far as I'm aware 4mg daily is the maximum you can have of Lorazapam, so Mum gets 3mg's a day. Its hard monitoring medication which Mum isn't able to tell me how its making her feel! Image

Anyway really grateful for your reply. Hope that your keeping well..

Take care
Maryann x
hi mary ann
I posted a reply from your last querie on another link I think it was the lewy bodies one. Image
Hi everyone,

Just a follow on about medication,new one introduced for brother.....Mirtazapine.
Does anyone have experience of this medication?

Hope you are all well
x x x
Hello Rosemary

Its a new form of anti-depressant, the following link tells you more about it, hope this helps.


Hope that you and family are well.

Take care
Maryann x
Hi Maryann,

Thx for that link.I had used google to find out about it but had not read that one.It gave me a lil more insight as to what it is supposed to do.

Hope you and mam are well.
x x x
Hi Maryann,
Just reading your post on Mirtazapine, my wife takes Mirtazapine on full dose of 45mg, it really made her eat a lot, so the GP had to change it around to 30mg in the morning and 15mg at night to stop her hunger cravings, the only problem with this is that it tends to knock her out for half the morning, do you find the same things

Mark Image