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ME and Carer's Allowance

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
Please can somebody advise. my auntie who is 87 this year cares for her daughter aged 60.
Her daughter has ME and lung/breathing problems. my aunt put in a claim for DLA and was told because her daughter could walk more than a certain distance she wouldnt qualify. Now i feel my aunt should have mentioned her daughters worst day. The days when she couldnt get out of bed. etc.
My aunt has cared for her daughter for the last 20 years.
I need some help in helping her to fillout the DLA form as she must be doing something wrong. My cousin cannot even cook for herself. surely that should be mentioned. my aunt does everything for her. she is under a specialist in london.
I know from my experience as a carer for a child with ASD the system is not always geared up the way it should be to help people like this.
anyone else had similiar experiences or have and advice to give. It would be much appreciated.Image thanks in advance
The walking distance applies only to the mobility component of DLA, the fact that someone can walk beyond the prescribed distance doesn't preclude them from being entitled to the care component of DLA at the lower, middle or higher rate. I'd recommend seeing a welfare rights advisor and getting help with completing the form, many people fail to get the benefits to which their entitled because they've either given insufficient information on the form or have understated their needs, someone who can't cook should be entitled to the lower rate care component.

You might also want to look at the benefits and work website; in order to access the information on claiming disability benefits, etc. you need to be a member, I think it's £15 a year now, but I've found the site extremely useful.
Age concern will help with filling out forms, and they will come out to a persons home.

I've read of quite a few carers using this Age Concern service and they have been very
happy with the result.

Cheryl x
Please see the sticky on the general discussions board - it's worth contacting the CarersLine.
I have a friend who suffers with ME and she decided to put down how far she could walk on a bad day and then stated that there were more bad than good days, and that she had very bad days where she was unable to get up. She is 70 this year and does get DLA for mobility and care components due to this. She also backed it up with a letter from her doctor.

Hope this helps & good luck.

I have a 22 yar old daughter with severe M.E/CFS and after a battle we were awarded high for mobility and high for care. We only won after we involved Citizens Advice Bureau who came to the house also there is no charge.

Sorry if this is far too late for you, I only joined recently and perhaps it will help somebody else trawling the forums.

Hi Jan,

Just noticed this is your 1st post.If you feel comfortable doing so, please consider posting in the following section http://www.carersuk.org/Forums/viewforum.php?f=24 . It is there where others will welcome you too.Dont worry if you're not ready to fully jump in with us yet, but the door is always open.

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