Hi Nuala, good to hear from you. Glad you are feeling more positive. You really must tell Vincent to sort that cough out before it gets bad, really can't leave it. Three birthdays, you have been busy with easter thrown in as well.

Mum hasn't been very good at all, we have been back in hospital and since coming out last week she is not able to move about at all. To top it off my Dad was taken into the hospital over the weekend Image . He is out again now but not right. As far as Mum goes though, no I am not able to leave her at all. Been finding it really hard over the last couple of weeks because I have had no break at all because I stay with her when she is in hospital. Now at home as I said she can't move about, she literally gets out of bed on to the commode or she will geet into her wheelchair and come and sit and watch TV with me for a couple of hours maybe.

I have a sister but she has three children and lives an hour away, she comes up when she can but its maybe every other week. Dad has been brilliant today helping out but he isn't very well himself. My brother is, well what can I say.....useless. Love him to bits but he doesn't cope well with Mums illness.
Will have to talk to Mum about what we are going to do because 24/7 is hard. Then I feel guilty because she is the one that is living through it. Will have to have some time out though.

The benefits system is a joke, glad they are coming out to see you but it is silly what they expect people to live on. My money has just been cut (income support) because they claim they didn't know I was receiveing Carers allowance. It was on my application. Hope they are helpfull to you.

With you working full time do you get any time for yourself? Have you got people / Family that support you?

Hope you have a good week
Caron x