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Pituritary adenoma

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My wife had 80% of a pituriary adenoma removed 22 years ago and had radio therapy as a followup treatment. Five years ago she had a failed op to remove the re-growth due to excessive swelling of the brain. She was then supposed to be closely monitored. Last November (2007) she was rushed unto hospital with very severe hallucinations and two weeks later a operation took place. We were told that this was to remove 100% of the tumour whaterver collateral damage. We were told that the op whent ok. Through the GP and the oncology department we found out that it was terminal. We were given a prognosis of up to 1 year but no information of progression. When she finally came out of hospital at the begining of December nobody expected her to last until christmas. By January they declared she was safe to be left for two hours at a time. She has now declined on what appears to be a increasing slope. Has enybody any clues to prognosis and if anybody out there needs an aetiology (history ) of our case I will be only to happy to inform on a personal message. I believe that if you have the full facts you can make good informed descions. Which seems due to litigation unforthcoming from NHS or even Mc Millian
I am sorry your wife is terminally ill, that is sad. Image It is hard to give an accurate prognosis, certainly not members of a forum. Last year my husband was critically ill after a brain haemorrhage. We were told by the medics that at best he would end up drooling in a nursing home if he survived. As I type this, I am watching him sweeping the drive after he mowed the lawn, our garden has never looked so good! My husband does have some disabilities but nowhere as severe as predicted!
I wish that I could help but a prognosis by a clinician is really only an informed guess and someone who has cared for someone with the same condition would have experienced a very different timescale etc. because every case is very individual and influenced by different factors. I realise that uncertainty is always more difficult to deal with than something definite however bad, you can at least prepare yourself to some degree when you have certainty and decide how to deal with and spend the intervening period. I can't imagine what you're going through, I wish I could give you the answer but I don't think that there is one, I think that it's just a case of trying to live each day as it comes in the knowledge that it might be the last and living it together as well as is possible in the circumstances.