Parkinsons or lewy Bodies dementia.

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Hi Everyone.About five years ago after a series of T.I.A.s my husband was diagnosed as having Vascular Dementia. He's been on Galantamine 16mgs, but after starting to fall a lot he was referred to a ' Fall Clinic' where the Docter immediately said Will had Parkinsons Disease and organised a Dat. Scan, this took place on 12th August last year.
somehow the results of this scan was misplaced and on 4th january we visited the fall Clinic again annd saw a different Dr, who said he did'nt think my husband had Parkinsons. Will was prescribed Madopar 12.5mgs and this Dr, said although he did'nt think it was Parkinsons but that he had to stay on the Madopar ???? Eventually the Consultants' secretary traced the whereabouts of the Dat/ scan and rang this morning to say that according to the results on the scan, Will has indeed got Parkinsons. We have an appointment with our G.P.on 20th March, but somewhere along the line someone mentioned that Will had Lewy Bodies Dementia and seems to have every symptom of this as well. I am at a loss what to think, no-one seems to agree on a diagnosis. Will is taking medication for Parkinsons and Vascular Dementia and we are
absolutely no-where. I don't know who to believe about all this and I wondered if anyone else has been in this predicament. Hope to hear from anyone who can throw some light on all this.
You really need medical advice no one here can give, I fear, pinkann.

The only comment I can make is that it's possible your husband has both - and suggest that you go back to the specialist for clarification.
It's possible to have both, my bil does.