Last Night

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Had a really rough night with Kirsty last night, must have had at least 10 seizures.... Really scares me when its nights like that. And I hate having to give her rectal diazepam but it just got so necessary.

Sorry for the winge, but she doesnt much like talking about it, and I felt I had to vent.

Hi Clive never be sorry for feeling you have to let
things out, all carers do do, thats what these forums are for,
and it helps to get it out of you`re system
Hi Clive,
i'm hoping you got my pm,Lisa also has clusters of seizure activity,thinking of you both.
vent any time you want to, it helps to get it off your chest.
have you heard off EPISTATUS [madazalam]it is an emergency treatment being used more and more instead of rectal diazapam

it is drawn up in a seringe type thingy without a needle and released into the mouth between the teeth and the jaw and rubbed in from the outside. it works really well and keeps dignity intact.[the only draw back is that it is out the system faster than rectal diazapam therefore seizures are quicker returning]

my son has been on it for about 6 years even before it was licenced in britian

Hi Myra my neurologist talked briefly about my trying Medazalam at last visit I go again in May - can my carer give it me - did your son have to go in hospital to try it out? As she suggested that but I am unsure.

Thanks x