Hi, I would be forever grateful if anyone could inform me of a decent, nice dentist in my area or more importantly how to find 1! Every time I put it into a search engine(google) it just comes up with other search suggestions and even if I click on 1 of them it just comes up with more search terms and I get no further!! :mad: :mad:

I have spent over 30,000 pounds on Dental care and I still have an ugly, unhealthy smile! I have been to nearly 25 Dentists and I can honestly say I have never ever came across a nice 1! I'm starting to feel like there are no decent, friendly Dentists in the U.K. whatsoever? Are there? Do I have to fly to America to find 1? Flying to America isn't practical whatsoever as I am disabled and have already spent, loaned and borrowed every last penny I possibly can.

I would be eternally grateful if somebody could point me in the direction of 1 or more importantly how I can find 1 and not go round in circles on the internet with no answers whatsoever. Please Please could someone help me?