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Not sure what category this fits into, but any help would be great. Anyone who knows about the 'side effects' of epilepsy, the different types of seizures, diet tips, medication problems. Anything.
Hi Greywolf (great username) and welcome to the forum.

You may find this link helpful - it's American I think but it does some pretty fair explanations of epilepsy and its different effects.

http://www.epilepsyclassroom.com/epilep ... zures.aspx
Thanks for the site charles. Have finally managed to find time to look at it. Helped me understand the different seizures. Thanks again.
The person I care for has uncontrolled Epilepsy, I too am epileptic but have been controlled many years.

Feel free to contact me anytime.

try [url=http://www.epilepsyforum,org.uk]www.epilepsyforum,org.uk[/url]

there is also epilepsy action and other sites all based in the uk.

my son has uncontrolled severe epilepsy so i am well used to dealing with it hes 34 and also has severe learning disability.

i am also on the board of directors of epilepsy west lothian.