Help Does my wife have Transient Ischaemic attack

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hello Everyone,
I think my wife suffering from the disease Transient Ischaemic attack (TIA) which causes her to keep seing people,animals and creatures all over the house day and night which is very scary for her and me too can anybody advise us as to how or what we should do she is an 80yr dold Woman and i am 84

Hi John, welcome to the forum. I think it's really important that you take your wife to her GP as soon as possible, so he can determine exactly what is wrong with her. Between now and then, it would help the doctor if you could keep a brief diary about your concerns, what she says, and when.
Hi John
Yes I agree that you should take her to the GP. Keeping a note of what she says and when is a very good idea too.

Do let us know how you get on

Kind regards
I feel if the symptoms start again, you should call emergency services. My husband had several TIAs that we were unaware of. He then had a stroke. I do not wish to alarm you but better to get medical help ASAP.