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quadruple heart bypass

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Hello to all members here at Carers uk
I wonder if anyone can help?
My Husband had a quadruple bypass on the 18th of July after having a minor heart attack on the 26th of June.
After surgery he felt lethargic and was kept in hospital for 11 days.
He has never been ill and never taken medicines.
After being home for 4 days he said he felt really ill and we phoned for an ambulance and he was admitted. He had an x ray and a small amount of fluid was found on his left lung but it was explained that this was normal after surgery. He had an echocardiogram, and an ECG amongst other tests.
Hes never smoked, he's not diabetic, he wasn't overweight and he wasn't a drinker.
His amiodarone was stopped and also Lanzoprazole and dihydrocodiene, apparently these alone can make one feel ill. He is on a lot of medication now and I know some medications can make one feel rough.
My Husband keeps complaining of havin overall weakness and lethargy and feeling horrible.
He's lost weight but he has been eating little and often and plenty of fluids.
If you or your partner has had this surgery would you be kind enough to let me know if you/partner felt this way.
I've never had to care for anyone with after heart surgery and it's frightening and worrying to say the least. I can't keep getting the Dr out or taking my Husband to Hospital but it's an enormous responsibility and I want to ensure my Husband is having the normal feelings after major surgery. I've had 26 years experience of caring for someone with schizophrenia.
Thanks for listening.
Regards to all
Hi Huegatort. Your husband has gone through a major operation on his heart, which now needs to recover. Tiredness and/or weakness are very common and take about 6 weeks to subside, and the advice is usually to take it steady and gradually build up the activity over time. Basically you have to build back up again.

There are emotional side effects too - it's worrying having an operation on the heart and can make people very nervous about their health. That takes a lot longer to deal with!

All perfectly normal but obviously it's scary.
Hi Charles

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond; it really is appreciated. I need all the support I can get right now, and as much information as possible so in order for me to cope.

A Dr came to see my Husband, our Son and I on Thursday and he was excellent. He throughly examined my Husband ask many questions and was compassionate and kind; all helped enormously. He understood just how traumatised we had been. We all felt better after his visit and a little more confident too.

My Husband has never complained, bless him but he has become nervous and anxious. My Son and I are on hand to discuss any concerns at anytime in order to comfort and reassure him.

We can but do our best and hope with time all improves.

Kind regards
You're welcome - hope he's starting to feel better.