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Speech Difficulties After Gastroscopy - Carers UK Forum

Speech Difficulties After Gastroscopy

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A has had speech difficulties since a couple of days after she had this procedure done. She saw a locum doctor when she was at home with us, but he just passed it off as irritation to her throat, caused by the probe being passed through, and gave her a prescription for a mouth wash. She eventually saw someone at her own doctor's practice who gave her throat a thorough examination, which included the usual 'say 'aaahhh', and told A that the probe had damaged her vocal chords and this was the cause of her problems. The doctor told A to come back in 2 weeks if her voice has not returned to normal by then, at which point the doctor would refer A to an ENT specialist. I'm hoping her voice will be back to normal by then or that the ENT specialist will be able to help her.

Has anyone else had a similar experience to this?

S was a bit hoarse and croaky after his.

Your poor daughter. I hope her voice quickly recovers.

When I had major surgery, kidney removal, they dislocated my jaw whilst I was under the anaesthetic. For four months I couldn't open my jaw enough even to eat a grape! In the end I had to go back into theatre for my jaw. A very unpleasant experience. As it was a private hospital, they had to pay for this themselves, it was part of their contract that I was covered for any complications, but they tried to wriggle out of it. Unfortunately for them, contract law is a favourite subject of mine (sad, I know!) I would suggest that before you do anything else, you have a look at your insurance policies and see if any of them have legal expenses insurance. If so, ring them up and discuss it with them. I did this after my husband died, and had £10,000 worth of help as a result. Good luck.
I am happy to say that A's speech has improved markedly, especially since she moved back home. She has noticed that her speech is affected when she is stressed and she still can't say 'aahh'.

She never did see her doctor in her previous place and we haven't yet made an appointment with a doctor here as we have been so busy moving her stuff out of her apartment and finding space for it all. We will have to make an appointment soon, but she is pleased to be able to talk well most of the time.