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Heart Failure (Diastolic) Feel Alone.... - Carers UK Forum

Heart Failure (Diastolic) Feel Alone....

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i have just found out that my mum has heart failure on the left (diastolic) which means the heart is not pumping blood as it should so only vital organes are getting the blood first and the rest after but is not alot. the diastlic heart failure is that between the beats the heart is not filling up as it should because the chamber has become "stiffend" also my mum heart is not pumping enough blood to remove the fuild from around the body. this causes a cough,swollen feet,ankles,legs,breathlessness,tiredness etc.

has anyones caree got heart failure as i feel im on my own with this and nowhere to turn. our doctor has given us some information but just seems blah,blah to me at the moment. also mum has AF atrial fribrillation on the right,high blood pressure,cholesterol. also the doctor has said that mum will have later on in life the systolic heat failure due to her thyroid problems being under active. just feel my mum is going to be take away from me. she is only 58years old and know one day she will need a oxygen tank as the heart failure gets worse it starts to build fuild in and around the lungs and i know i wont cope with that. just feel lke crying Image

I am so sorry Sweetheart.. so sorry Image

I wish I knew enough about your Mum's condition to be able to help. You're not alone on here though Sianie. I feel sure someone here will know about your Mum's condition and be able to give you some guidance so that the future doesn't feel so daunting.

Hello there Sianie,

Really sorry to hear that Mum is poorly. I have no medical experience as such only from caring for both Mum and my dear aunt. All I can say is that Mum did have heart failure but that I was told that many patients can be in "heart failure" for a very long time. My Mum most certainly was.

If you want a chat, just send me a pm.

Take care,
Bell x
Hi Sianie,
what a terrible situation to find yourself in.................just wanted you to know that we are listening.

Love and hugs to both of you

awww thank you to all of you.

heart failure can last a long time. i just fear of what will happen as i know the fulid in her body one day will have know where to go but to start filling up where it shouldn't Image and i do not know how i would cope with that as i have seen it with a friends mum.

doctor has given her some more water tablets to try and remove the excess water but they make you to go the loo every 5mins which she has trouble because of the compression of her spine. so needs help too.

any information would be great Image
I care for my husband who has the same as your Mum. He also has diabetes. I know how you feel & there's very little support out there for carers of this illness, well I can't find any.
My husband is 61 but was diagnosed about 4 yrs ago. It's completely altered our lives. I was very afraid in beginning but he doesn't seem to take it seriously! He is getting worse & his mood swings dreadful.
I know what your going through it's good to find someone who understands at last. We are not alone :)