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genital integrity for all

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
Its very, very common across many groups..
Yes it always seems that when this topic is approached people immediately target Jewish people as being the only people to circumcise when in fact ii is also practiced amongst Muslims Christians.

Getting this information into the public arena has been a long and painful process for many of us because we have had to accept that we harmed our chidren due to a lack of education.
60% + of American males have the snip too - so it cuts across all races and religions. Not sure what you mean about lack of education - are there really folk out there who snip bits off their kids willies without checking both sides of the story first? But many learned doctors and so on support the practice.

I sure wouldn't let anyone chop bits off my kids or me without at least reading up on it .. . peoples gullibility never ceases to amaze me...

That said, many folk do read up on it and still go ahead - opinion seems to be around 50-50 out there and there are quite a few research studies suggesting health benefits ... that said, you always have to ask]

Those doctors who continue to perform this procedure are violating their hippocratic oath or as is often the case are uneducated in this field otherwise they woud not do it. Parents therefore proceed with the idea that if doctors do it, it must be alright and are not informed that it is harmful. I educate proessionals in this area.
Hi norcini

I wasn't suggesting that circumcision had anything to do with abortion, I used abortion as an example to illustrate that prohibition can lead to greater ills than allowing individuals to make their own decisions in an open, informed and legal manner and that personal beliefs and experience are not always the best means of determining what should and should not be permitted or prohibited for the wider population.

I became aware of the debate surrounding male circumcision in the US in the early 1990s, nothing has since changed my stance, i.e. that there is no evidence to justify changing the law or that it does substantial harm. I also have to disagree that doctors performing this procedure are violating their Hippocratic oath, many, including me, would disagree that it is always harmful, for the majority of males it isn't an issue, they've experienced no problems as a result of it and they don't give it a thought, the relative few who have experienced harm need to balanced against the relative few who need the procedure later in life, arguably they would have been better served if the procedure had been carried out in infancy. Which brings us back to absolutes, risk and balance, there are few absolutes in life, life can never be risk free and it is the right of the individual to determine the risks and benefits of many aspects of life both for themselves and those they have responsibility for. Ultimately I believe that it is up to the individual to try to strike the right balance between these risks and any benefits and the State, unless there is good reason to deny them that right, to allow them to do so.
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We have 2 threads going on with essentially the same argument so I'm locking this one and politely asking that all debate on circumcision be directed to the thread at