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Epilepsy is more than just a Seizure. It's a life changing condition affecting the person and their families. The myth that someone falls to ground, thrashes about, then takes a tablet and all is well ambiguous. We Parent/Carers know this only so well. :(
Hi Julie,

That is very true. S has complex partial seizures and absences, sometimes people supporting him don't recognise them and they wonder why he is acting as he is ...

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Ive had epilepsy,grand mal seizures since i was 5.Ruined my childhood.Everyday was scared to go to school never had many friends never played sports , no proms.The seizure ,convulsions,about 2 to 3 minutes then wetting pants,bitting tongue,takes half day to get memory back then days of headaches.Believe me returning was no picknick to a young kid..After school days lost many jobs because of a seizure.Luckly never had a seizure at a real dangerous area.Lot of broken and bruised spots.Always had someone there when i would wake,parents,wife.Even with epilepsy consider myself lucky.Feel for those that suffer alone,always had someone to care for me.