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hi is there anyone who carers for or has had an amputation - Carers UK Forum

hi is there anyone who carers for or has had an amputation

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hi i am new to the forum, i care for my husband part time he was born with spina bifida and due to this has other health problems too. He recently under went an ankle fusion in september for the 3rd time in his life. unfortunatly it has nt worked and now the next option is amputation due to the damaged foot. my huband has spent many years thinking about the possability of this happening one day and now it is.

We have spoken about it at length, proffesionally i know it is the right thing to do but as a wife i am quite scared of the procedure and the impact it will have on us as a family ( we have two young children) and financialy. At present i work full time as a special needs TA, i care for my husband at night, in the morning and evenings. I have thought about giving up work and caring for him full time when it happens but i dont know what benifits we would get and have never been on them, its a bit scary and very new to me.

I am also worried about how i will cope with it all, i know i will stuggle to work full time when the day comes and working part time would not be ideal as i have to travel a great distance.

Is there anyone who has gone through a similar situation?
many thanks

Hi Nikie,

We do have a member with experience of this.I have sent him a message and hopefully he will get back to you soon.

Hi many thanks any help or advie is greatly recieved.

Hi Nikie,

Have you heard of Leanne Grose ?

She had an amputation of her foot and then more of her leg due to cancer in her early 20's and is only mid 20's now.

She has a website and you can contact her. Lovely girl and so she might be of some support to you.

Here are the links



Hope this might help a little and I also hope you will be able to find the best way forward at this difficult time.

Thank you for the info i havent heard of her but i will have a look at her website. Any help is greatly recieved. I have been looking at the process and after care of amputation which my husband found. It still all seems very strange to me, i have worked as a special needs nursery nurse for over 15 yrs but never come across caring for someone with an amputation.

Thank you again

My step father injured his ankle in a football accident and due to inept care from hospitals had to have his leg amputated below the knee. This was before he met and married my mother but he's happily working full time and apart from ocassional trouble with his false leg rubbing he's very active.