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does anyone have/had cellulitis - Carers UK Forum

does anyone have/had cellulitis

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i had my first bout of cellitis in january 2008 and i still have the nasty red scarring its left behind. i would love to hear from anyone else who has had or is suffering with it.
Hi, my mother aged 84 is being treated for it. She has it in her lower legs. Where have you got it?
Mum has very strong antibiotics which seem to be working, she has had the redness and swelling for 3 weeks but the redness seems to be going now and her legs are not quite as swollen.
i had it in my lower left leg, came on so quickly, i knocked my ankle in the afternoon, thought no more of it until later when i was huddled in front of the fire full on and having a quilt wrapped around me, shivering. took myself off to bed and awoke to my leg burning. doc told to go straight to A and E and thier my blood was taken and i have major infection and put on IV antibiotics for two weeks. the weeping and pus etc have gone but its left a red scarring. i was surprised to learn too that it can be recurring, and have spoke to many on other sites who have had several bouts of it. i do hope mums ok and doing well, i know how painful it can be to walk with.
my son had cellu;itis last year from his hand all the way to past his shoulder he ended up in hospital on ivs for just over a week then 3 more weeks on oral antibiotics, it hasen't left any scarring though.
OH recently had cellulitus in his left leg....... think he was hit with a stone when strimming. Two weeks of strong antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pills, and FUCIDIN cream (that is anti-biotic and anti-fungal without the steroid which thins the skin, commonly found in FUCIBET). Three or four times a day I rubbed the whole leg from ankle to thigh with AQUEOUS cream to try to take fluid towards any remaining lymph nodes most of them were taken away during his cancer surgery two years ago, another reason for him having little or no immune system and gets any infection going.

I have had cellulitus in the past on my leg and ankle and it is like walking with balloons of water strapped to the legs, and the intense heat and icy alternating through the blood is something else. I am very aware now of any cut or scratch as the red patches never seem to completely go away and the least thing kicks it off again.

The AQUEOUS cream is a good all round moistureiser and soothes sunburn too. It is about £3 for a 500 gramme tub, but is available on prescription which is the cheaper option if you do not pay for your prescriptions.

Take care
I had cellulitus in Oct 07. I had a tiny scratch on my arm that just ballooned over night. The next day I went to the chemist looking for cream. The pharmasist frog marched me to the GP. I was given antibiotic and in 7 days the infection had gone. However, I became very ill for almost a year after. i was tested for MS several times. I am OK now (just) but I am sure the celulitus attacked my body much more than anyone else expected (basically was so ill my husband almost gave up work to care for me).
Take care
ive had it 3 times now 2 in leg and 1 in face first time i had it in leg was about 6/7 years ago and still have redness in leg and its swollen abit