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delay...how to prove it? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

delay...how to prove it?

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
I used to teach Movement to dyspraxic children in mainstream school. The course used to start with a session for the teachers....................................
Certainly made them understand some of the difficulties their pupils faced! Image Image Image
I can imagine what fun you had Myrtle. We used to turn a bench upside down and get the teachers to walk along the upside down bench with glasses or a pair of binoculars so they couldn't judge the end of the bench so they had some inclination of what it was like for the children who had no idea of their position in space.

We'd also get them to copy some symmetrical shapes with the use of mirrors. The look of perplexity on their face when their brain was telling them one thing but they needed to go the opposite way to what their natural inclination was could crease you up sometimes.

My son was once punished and kept in at playtime for walking into a table and knocking a jigsaw onto the floor. After the teacher went on one of the Dyspraxia courses she actually apologised. Bit late in the day but good that they might stop and think in future. My son who has double vision, hypermobility, dyspraxia and many other conditions was accused of deliberately walking into things. So annoying. He was SEN 5 and had a statement which included someone to dress him and undress him amongst other things and the teacher had told me that they didn't have time for the staff member who was employed soley to support my son to help my son if he couldn't be bothered to learn how to put his shoes on the right feet etc. It was a complete revelation when this member of staff attended the course at the teacher training centre. I asked the staff on duty as I wasn't there at the time to make sure they took a little extra time with the staff from my son's school. Image
Digressing onto the foibles of teachers, it's quite amazing how many teachers (or anyone!) cannot physically do something they tell off the children for being afraid or unable to do! Image Image
And that's before you make it difficult! Image
You made me laugh with that Myrtle, especially with your byline of being surrounded by muppets.... Sounds like another day at Fitzy my old place of work Image
Image Image
My son is also Dyspraxic. One of his teachers decided that the way to get him to get dressed faster after PE was to put a timer on the desk if he wasn't dressed by the time it went off he would be punished. Image

After I'd finished tearing a strip off her the OT from the hospital had a really good go. She was much more helpful after that
Had a very similar thing with our OT and physio going into school. First they told me to change schools as the teacher's attitude was disgraceful. They also tore a strip off a number of staff. Headteacher included who was a former Learning Support Services Teacher.

I was told by my son's teacher that I thought I knew everything because I was trained in SEN and thought my school (where I worked) was better than my son's. What a load of tosh!

Can cause a lot of problems though when you're aware of what your son's statement is allocated to and staff at the school want to use it for other purposes.

There were some frosty annual reviews I can tell you.