Husband slowly losing sight, young family

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I'm posting in order to find support and other families in a similar position. My husband is 33 and slowly losing his sight to glaucoma and other related issues. He has had these problems since he was 7, but everything got suddenly worse when I was 6 months pregnant. He can still see and he supports the family financially but gradually it is affecting our lives. I don't know anyone else in this situation and I'm looking for someone to talk to.
Hi Frances,

If you haven't yet been in contact with the RNIB, I strongly recommend you do so. They are a great source of information, advice and can provide emotional and practical support.

My cousin has glaucoma, she has lived with visual impairment all her life and is now classed as blind and sadly has very little residual vision now. She had excellent support from the RNIB. She travels around London on her own and although now retired, she worked as physio for many years.


PS I don't know if you do Facebook, but if you do they have a Facebook page, where you can "meet," other families in the same/ similiar situation.