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Cystic fibrosis - Carers UK Forum

Cystic fibrosis

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
Hi just wondered if there is anyone else on here caring for someone with cystic fibrosis? X
Hi Anna,
Not me, sorry, but wanted to welcome you to the form anyway. Whatever the problems of the caree, as carers we all share similar problems, heartaches and difficulties.
How old is your caree and what concerns you most at the moment?
Thanks Elaine x I care for my little girl who is 5. Tbh I worry about all the usual things, xx
Morning Anna
Welcome to the forum. I'm not in your position. ( Husband in a nursing home with complex needs dementia)
However I've found the forum to be a lifeline. You can explain any worries,vent anger and suchlike without being judged. Someone will be able to advice and support you.
I echo the others - no experience personally (my caree is my very elderly MIL with dementia) but I do wish you all the very best possible, and I do hope that treatments for CF improve even more for your little girl. There are, however, most definitely parents here who are looking after children - including adult children- with difficult and life-affecting conditions, including some genetic conditions, such as muscular dystrophy, so you will definitely not be 'alone' here in that sense.

Come and take a look on the 'general' threads, such as 'New' or 'Caring' and within the Members sections.

One of the 'best' things about this site is that here, all of us know the stress and strain that caring involves, especially the fear and worry that can beset so many. We know that sometimes that stress and strain can 'overflow'......but this is a safe place for that emotional overflow.

Welcome! Kind regards, Jenny